Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Peytons at Silver Creek Baptist Church, Indiana

Annual Meeting of the Silver Creek Cemeterial Association:
Interesting Historical Paper by the Secretary
(written by William H. McCoy)

Minutes of the 11th annual meeting of the
Silver Creek Cemetery Association in 1886,
published in the National Democrat newspaper
in Jeffersonville, Indiana on May 21, 1886.
Transcribed by James D. VanDerMark, April 1995
Proofread against the original by Jennifer Abbott, October1998
Republished in the Bicentennial History of Silver Creek Baptist Church (now known as Stony Point Christian Church), published November 22, 1998.

     The families and individuals of whom we shall give a brief history in this the second chapter of our paper, are the Littells, Bowells, Nugents, Nathan Kelly, Thomas Broadstreet, Jeremiah Payne, Whites, Sellers, Peytons, Worrall, Harrods, Perrys, Bottorffs, Capt. John Norris, McCormicks, Listers, McCoys, Jonah Harris, Dr. Kellogg, and Kahl.

John Peyton, Charlotte Peyton, Daniel Peyton, Terry Peyton and Micajah Peyton are names found on the roll of the old church. This family came from Virginia to Kentucky and from Kentucky to this Territory in about 1806. John and Daniel settled on land on Sinking Fork near the White farm.

     Micajah Peyton settled on land on the Muddy Fork, near the village of Bridgeport.

     John and Charlotte Peyton were the parents of Daniel and Micajah Peyton. John and Charlotte Peyton joined Silver Creek church June 1806.

     John Peyton, Jr., who died in 1882 was a son of Daniel Peyton.

     John Peyton, Sr., his wife, Daniel Peyton, his wife and John Peyton, Jr., are all buried in Silver Creek Cemetery.

Editor's Note: The above was originally published on the Internet about 1999, at RootsWeb as Silver Creek Cemetery website. The page seems to have disappeared about 2008.

I judge this John PEYTON of Silver Creek, Clarke County, Indiana to be a presumptive son of Philip and Winifred PEYTON who appear on pages 92, 93 of the genealogy book, PEYTONs Along the Aquia. See post at this blog for more explanation: PEYTONs of Indiana