Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lewis & Winnefred PEYTON of Indiana

VIRGINIA MARRIAGE BOND -- Lewis PEYTON and Charles ANDERSON were bound unto the Governor of Virginia, 8 November 1786: "whereas there is a Marriage shortly intended to be Solemized between the above bound Lewis PEYTON & Winnefred FOLWELL - for which a license has been issued." The above image is from Ancestry.com, submitted by PAllen7783, believed to have come from Lincoln County, Kentucky (Virginia District).
Lewis PEYTON and his wife Winnefred are on pages 132, 133 of the genealogy book, PEYTONs Along the Aquia, with two of their children. NSDAR documents her name as "Winifred FOLWELL" and verifies two additional children: Nelson PEYTON who married Mary JOHNSON and Frances PEYTON who married John TUELL. Revolutionary War Pension Records of Lewis PAYTON, (S. 17003) contain a letter written in 1929 which states that Elizabeth FOLWELL was the mother of Winfred FOLWELL.