Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sarah - Consort of Francis PEYTON

At Find-A-Grave, there are photographs of the gravestone of Sarah, the wife of Francis PEYTON. She died 22 June 1849,and was buried at Saint Paul's Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia. Sarah and her husband and some of their children are on page 117 of the "Revised and Updated" Second Edition of PEYTONs Along the Aquia Genealogy, a new "keepsake" edition in hardcover.

There is a bit of a discrepancy between the death date on the tombstone and Reverend Hayden's comments on page 500 of PEYTON, of England and Virginia, 1891, that the will of Sarah PEYTON was written in November of 1848, and probated 13 January 1849, at Alexandria, Virginia.

The Find-A-Grave site identifies her as Sarah WEST, which is not correct. Reverend Hayden on page 500 of PEYTON, of England and Virginia, 1891, speculated that Francis PEYTON's wife was "PROBABLY" Sarah WEST. ("Sarah, prob. dau. of Hugh ... WEST.") More recent discoveries, including a bible record and deeds have verified Francis PEYTON's wife as another "Sarah." Sarah, the daughter of Hugh WEST, was married to a PEYTON relative of Francis PEYTON, and she is documented on page 114 of my book.

The tombstone of Sarah's husband, Francis PEYTON of Alexandria is also at Find-A-Grave where there is a DAR marker from the Elisha Dick Chapter of Virginia.

This post has been updated. Please refer to "Francis PEYTON of Alexandria."

Robert PEYTON of Gloucester, Virginia

The PEYTON Book of 1891 The Robert PEYTON who immigrated to Virginia and settled in Gloucester County, Virginia is documented on page 468 of Reverend Hayden's PEYTON, of England and Virginia, 1891. Reverend Hayden includes three children of Robert, but not the name of Robert's wife. All records of Gloucester County prior to 1820, were destroyed when the Clerk's office burned. During the War Between the States, all Gloucester County records after 1820, were removed to Richmond for safekeeping and were lost when Richmond was burned.

The descendants of Robert PEYTON's children are followed by Reverend Hayden on page 468, and pages following.