Thursday, December 5, 2013

Charles Peyton of Culpeper

The marriage record of Ephraim PEYTON to Mary F. BREEDEN is of record in 1889, Madison County, Virginia, and census records record their children as Cora L. PEYTON (born 1891), Bessie L. PEYTON (born 1893), Andrew B. PEYTON (born 1895) and Ephraim PEYTON (born 1899). Ephraim's parents were documented as James and Mahaly PEYTON. James PEYTON born about 1825, his wife "Haley" lived in Green County, Virginia, where their children were born. The 1830, 1840 and 1850 Census records of Orange and Greene Counties, Virginia, indicate that James was the child of Ephraim and Elizabeth PEYTON and I assume it is he who is one of the two teenaged males ages 10 to 19, in the household of Elizabeth PEYTON, age 40-49, in the 1840 Census of Greene County, Virginia. Ephraim PEYTON was not found, so I assume that he had died between 1830 and 1840.

Who were the parents of Ephraim PEYTON born between 1800-1810, with connections to Orange County, Virginia? I have found no proof connecting him with a family, but location evidence suggests he would have been a grandson of George PEYTON on pages 107 - 111 of "Peytons Along the Aquia." The one son of George PEYTON of whom we know almost nothing is #192 - Charles PEYTON on page 110 of said genealogy book. I no longer believe that Charles had moved on to Missouri, and Indiana (that was another Charles Peyton). I suspect that Charles PEYTON, son of George PEYTON, is possibly the father of Ephraim PEYTON who died before 1840 in Greene County, Virginia.

Descendants of this line should do further research to confirm this connection. On the 1840 Census of Culpeper County, Virginia, Sarah PEYTON, age 80-90, (born 1750-1760) had living with her a couple aged 40-50 (born 1790-1800). On 6 August 1841, in Fredericksburg, Virginia newspaper, "Political Arena", page 3, column 3. Sarah, Benjamin and John PEYTON advertised property for sale. Identifying the people named in these records may further elucidate this PEYTON lineage of Greene and Orange Counties.