Saturday, May 19, 2012

John PEYTON of Winchester, Virginia

JOHN PEYTON of Winchester, Virginia appears on pages 60, 210, of PEYTONs Along the Aquia, along with his wife SUSANNAH RUTHERFORD, his children and his lineage back to the earliest PEYTONS of Aquia, Virginia. His birth date should be given as 1757, as that agrees with other records that he left.

He also appears on page 502 of Reverend Horace Edwin Hayden's "PEYTON, of England and Virginia", as born "14 April 1763," and on page 530, as "JOHN PEYTON, Jr." (son of Henry, Valentine, Henry, Henry, Henry) "of Frederick county, Va., born cir. 1757;" with his wife, eight children and nine grandchildren.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

John PEYTON and Harriet TERRILL

I have determined that the John PEYTON (#307) on page 158 of my genealogy book, PEYTONs Along the Aquia, is the John PEYTON of Rappahannock County, Virginia, born about 1804, who appears in the 1840 through 1880 censuses of said county, in the village of Stonewall. There is no evidence that he ever married, but early on he apparently allied with a Mulatto slave women, Harriet TERRILL. Beginning on the 1840 census, we find John PEYTON owning three slaves, one of whom was a Mulatto female, age ten to twenty-three. On the 1870 census, his former slave was enumerated in his household as Harriet TERRILL, Mulatto, age 52, "keeping house" with twelve Mulatto children named TERRILL. On the 1880 census, the three Mulatto children remaining in the household were enumerated as Alice PEYTON 18, Jordan PEYTON 21, and Nannie PEYTON 14, daughters and son of William DENNIS who was recorded as the Head of Household. Perhaps the census taker was confused. John PEYTON's parents are named on pages 157, 158 of PEYTONs Along the Aquia where his descent is traced back to the PEYTON family of Aquia Creek, Virginia.