Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jeremiah Peyton

I received the following information from a reader of both of my PEYTON family books. She discovered that we are related through my fifth great grandmother Nancy PEYTON born 1751, who was the sister of her third great grandfather Jeremiah PEYTON born 1753. She descends through Jeremiah's grandson, Henry "Harvey" PEYTON, born about 1834.
"Jeremiah had Jeremiah, Jr. in 1791, Jeremiah, Jr. had Henry (sometimes referred to as Harvey) in 1832, Henry/Harvey had Adolphus in 1874, Adolphus had Edgar Carl Peyton, my father, in 1914. My father was one of 18 children, obviously all Peytons!! ... In addition to John W. and Adolphus, my records show there was a brother named James Henry born in 1861, a brother Amos born in 1864, a brother Howard Franklin born in 1866, a brother Walter Robert born in 1884 and a sister Luemma S. born in 1876."
Her research accounts for the following children to Henry "Harvey" PEYTON who appears on page 159 of  PEYTONs Along the Aquia.
  • James Henry PEYTON born in 1861.

  • John W. PEYTON born about 1863 in Virginia.

  • Amos PEYTON born in 1864.

  • Howard Franklin PEYTON born in 1866.

  • Adolphus PEYTON born 1874, had 18 PEYTON children, including her father Edgar Carl PEYTON.

  • Luemma S. PEYTON born in 1876.

  • Walter Robert PEYTON born in 1884.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Overwharton Parish Register

The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia
In 1961, noted Virginian genealogist George Harrison Sanford King made a transcription of Stafford County, Virginia's Overwharton Parish Register, pages 92, 93, containing PEYTON - PAYTON names. All of the names appearing on this snipped view are documented in the genealogy book, PEYTONs Along the Aquia where their lineage is traced back to 16th century England and before.
  • RACHEL PAYTON - see pages 91 of  PEYTONs Along the Aquia.
  • CHARLES PAYTON - see - pages 91, 126.
  • ANNE PEYTON - see pages 42, 64, 66, 76, 79, 81, 108.
  • ELEANOR PEYTON - see pages 43, 207.
  • ELIZABETH PEYTON - see page 43.
  • PHILIP PEYTON - see pages 92 - 95.
  • VALENTINE PEYTON - see pages 93, 130 - 132.
  • JEREMIAH PEYTON - see pages 91, 127, 128.
  • NANCY PAYTON - see pages 91, 129, 130.
  • JOHN PEYTON - see pages 28, 41 - 45.
Note: Nancy PAYTON and John and Ureth PAYTON are my ancestors. Image snipped from

Saturday, January 18, 2014

John Rowzee Peyton of Montgomery County

HISTORY OF BECKLEY AND RALEIGH COUNTY - Early Settlers of Raleigh County, West Virginia: The following by Judge W. A. Riffe appeared in the Beckley Post-Herald Centennial Edition on August 26, 1950.
PEYTON, John Rowzee - A native of Montgomery County, Va., he settled in the Marshes in 1845. He was related to the Madison, Preston, Breckinridge, and Floyd families. A large man weighing over 300 pounds, he was well educated and an original and entertaining conversationalist of humorous temperament. He owned fine farms in Trap Hill District and engaged in farming, stock raising and trading. He entered the Confederate service in 1861 and was attached to a regiment of the Stonewall Brigade. He participated in the Battle of First Manassas and later was detailed for recruiting service in Southwest Virginia. Peyton was murdered from ambush in 1862 by some Confederate deserters on Bent Mountain in Roanoke County, Va. while on his way to Floyd County.
According to Reverend Horace Edwin Hayden's 1891 genealogy, "PEYTON, of England and Virginia," on pages 552, 553, John Rowzee PEYTON was born 6 December 1806, in Montgomery County, Virginia. John Rowzee PEYTON appears with his parents on page 122, of "Peytons Along the Aquia", where his descent from the PEYTONs of early Colonial Virginia and England is documented. Reverend Hayden described his war service and his death and reported that, although married, he left no descendants.