Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jeremiah Peyton

I received the following information from a reader of both of my PEYTON family books. She discovered that we are related through my fifth great grandmother Nancy PEYTON born 1751, who was the sister of her third great grandfather Jeremiah PEYTON born 1753. She descends through Jeremiah's grandson, Henry "Harvey" PEYTON, born about 1834.
"Jeremiah had Jeremiah, Jr. in 1791, Jeremiah, Jr. had Henry (sometimes referred to as Harvey) in 1832, Henry/Harvey had Adolphus in 1874, Adolphus had Edgar Carl Peyton, my father, in 1914. My father was one of 18 children, obviously all Peytons!! ... In addition to John W. and Adolphus, my records show there was a brother named James Henry born in 1861, a brother Amos born in 1864, a brother Howard Franklin born in 1866, a brother Walter Robert born in 1884 and a sister Luemma S. born in 1876."
Her research accounts for the following children to Henry "Harvey" PEYTON who appears on page 159 of  PEYTONs Along the Aquia.
  • James Henry PEYTON born in 1861.

  • John W. PEYTON born about 1863 in Virginia.

  • Amos PEYTON born in 1864.

  • Howard Franklin PEYTON born in 1866.

  • Adolphus PEYTON born 1874, had 18 PEYTON children, including her father Edgar Carl PEYTON.

  • Luemma S. PEYTON born in 1876.

  • Walter Robert PEYTON born in 1884.