Sunday, February 17, 2013

PEYTONs of Indiana

My research suggests that many or most of the PEYTONS who settled nineteenth century Indiana were descendants of Philip PEYTON who appears on pages 92, 93, 94 and 95 of PEYTONs Along the Aquia. See my blog post Nelson PEYTON of Kentucky and Indiana for more information. Augusta PEYTON of Harrison County, Indiana seems a proven son of Philip PEYTON according to Revolutionary War records. The John PEYTON who settled at Clark County, Indiana in the early 1800s, I consider to be a "presumed" son of the same Philip PEYTON mentioned above. John's children settled in Clark County. Perhaps someone has been able to document John PEYTON's lineage.

Philip PEYTON and his descent from the PEYTONs of early Colonial Virginia is documented on page 92 of PEYTONs Along the Aquia Genealogy.


  1. John Peyton Jr (c1759-1820) who settled in Clark Co IN s/o John Peyton c1727-?) s/o Valentine Payton (c1680-1749); this Philip probably also s/o Valentine. Peyton Society of Virginia has this lineage.

    Mike Yohe h/o Nancy Jane Peyton g4gd/o John Peyton Jr.

  2. Mike - Thank you for your comment. I was never able to document a son named John PEYTON for the Valentine PEYTON you mention above. As I posted, I consider the John PEYTON who married Charlotte and lived in Clark County, to be a presumed son of Philip. There is a deed in Amherst where John PEYTON was taxed on Philip's land. If you have documentation for the lineage you cite ( John, of John of Valentine) I would be interested in pursuing it. I have documented the John PEYTON who married Susannah LUNSFORD, but I have no proof for his father. There were lots of John PEYTONS, so it is difficult to sort them.

    1. Amending my comment above, I do consider John PEYTON to be a likely son of Valentine PEYTON because of the Amherst County land records which link him with sons of Valentine. However, there were at least two John PEYTONs, likely three, and I cannot really be sure which one was which.

  3. My source is the Peyton Society of Virginia (C line); here are a couple of extracts from their C-line genealogy :

    Generation Four
    15. Valentine4 Payton (C-41) (Philip3, Philip2, Thomas1 Peyton); It is
    conjectured that Sarah Randolph was the wife of Valentine. Valentine
    was a Vestryman, Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA 1749; he was
    born circa 1680 Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co, VA; he died
    after 1749, Aquia, Overwharton Parish, VA.
    Children of Valentine4 Payton (C-41) include,
    + 19. i. Philip5 Peyton (C-411), born circa 1720 Stafford
    Co., VA; married Winefred Bussell.
    + 20. ii. William Payton Sr. (C-414), born 3 Jul 1718
    Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA; married
    Margaret Unknown.
    + 21. iii. John Payton , Sr. (C-413), born circa 1727
    Stafford Co., VA; married Susanna Lunsford.
    22. iv. George Payton (C-415?) was born possible son
    of Valentine. See Q Line for issue.
    + 23. v. Henry Peyton Sr. (C-412), born 1727 Stafford
    Co., VA.

    Generation Five
    . . .
    21. John5 Payton , Sr. (C-413) (Valentine4, Philip3, Philip2, Thomas1
    Peyton) was born circa 1727 Stafford Co., VA; he married Susanna
    Lunsford 28 Mar 1758 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA; A John
    Peyton, Sr., et ux Susanna gave deed to Wm. P., Sr. 1 Nov. 1779,
    Amherst Co., VA, D.B."E". This may be the couple.
    Children of John5 Payton , Sr. (C-413) and Susanna Lunsford
    36. i. John6 Payton , Jr. (C-4121) was born circa
    1759; Gave deeds with wife in Amherst Co.,
    VA, 1792; he married Sarah Unknown.

    There is evidence that Charlotte was John, Jr.'s daughter, not his wife.

    My wife descends from John, Jr.'s son Jared.

    You probably already have their "books," which are now on CD. If not, you can get the CD from

    Best regards,



  4. Thanks Mike. I have never found historical evidence that Valentine PEYTON "was a Vestryman, Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA." As for Charlotte, the wife of John PEYTON of Clark County, Indiana, I have never found her to be a daughter of another John PEYTON. In fact, there is family lore that she was of German descent.

  5. Hi, Edna. The Peyton Society of Virginia has a copy of minutes from the Salt River Baptist Church of Franklin County, KY that read, in part, "1st Saturday of May, I805 . . . John Peyton and his daughter Charlotte granted letters of dismission . . ." and deeds signed by John and Sarah transferring Virginia land. The PSV genealogist is convinced these refer to John, Jr. I can only pass along what I have learned from her; to get the complete picture, you'd need to talk to her. Mike

  6. Thanks Mike. Maybe John PEYTON had a daughter named Charlotte, or maybe one of the records is wrong. I continue to consider the John PEYTON of Clark County, Indiana to be a likely son of Philip PEYTON. Good luck with sorting out the John PEYTONS in Amherst County. That is a chore.

  7. PS - John and Sarah PEYTON of Amherst County, Virginia are in my book with his father, on page 99. I don't know know if John and Sarah had children.