Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PHILIP PEYTON of Northumberland, Virginia

PHILIP PEYTON is mentioned on pages 25, 26 of "PEYTONs Along the Aquia Genealogy (Second Edition).” He was dispatched from Bristol, England on 30 August 1665, to serve four years in Virginia to THOMAS WHITE. Two years later, on 20 October 1667, a person of that name is documented as an "indentured servant" to RICHARD NELMES in Northumberland County, Virginia, when neighbors complained to the court that he and fellow servant NATH. GARNER were infected with leg sores and "very much neglected by their sd Master who taketh nor care to see ye sd sores Cured." By 1670, PHILIP PEYTON was a free man when he was accused by other servants and a slave women, at Northumberland County Court, of being the mastermind of multiple hog stealings from his former master. By 1672, "PHILL PAYTON" appears in Northumberland County, Virginia court records as a witness.

I see no evidence that this PHILIP PEYTON of Northumberland County, born before 1655, in England, was connected to the PHILIP PEYTON of Aquia Creek. That Philip PEYTON, of Westmoreland and later Stafford County, Virginia, appears on pages 22, 23 of "PEYTONs Along the Aquia Genealogy (Second Edition).” Nor do I see any connection to the PEYTON family of Gloucester County, Virginia.

By 18 June 1701, we find another PAYTON in Northumberland County records: "SUSANNAH PAYTON, servant to JANE YARRATT, haveing had a Bastard Child by WILLIAM DUGARD, another servant of the said JANE ..."


  1. Hi Edna - I married into the Peyton family and caught the genealogy bug about 10 years ago. My husband's branch of the family landed in Sac City, IA. There is a kink in the chain I'm unable to remove though and it involves Philip Peyton. Richard Payton, DNA project admin, claims that Philip/Mary (Rush) Peyton comes from the C line in Peytons of VA II and was an indentured servant, which doesn't match your research. Have you updated that line? Thank you very much for all your hard work!

  2. Blonda - No, I have not updated that line, as I have no further documentation to add to it. I am open-minded and will investigate any proofs that anyone has to offer. From my research I conclude that the Philip PAYTON of Northumberland Virginia and the Philip PEYTON of Aquia (Westmoreland - Stafford) are two different people. I discuss my research on the above pages of my genealogy book. I feel that my research agrees with Reverend Hayden's work on the PEYTON family in 1891.

  3. Hi.
    I am u see the impression that my line comes out of VA and into Kentucky.One married a Potomac Woman.....?