Saturday, October 10, 2009

PEYTONs of Caroline County, Virginia

Brockenbrough-Peyton House

The photograph above is of the historic PEYTON - BROCKENBROUGH House, circa 1795, in Caroline County, Virginia. It was the home of Valentine and Elizabeth PEYTON who are featured on pages 153, 154 of PEYTONs Along the Aquia, Second Edition.

Their daughter, Sarah Jane PEYTON, was at home on the afternoon of April 23rd, 1865, when President LINCOLN's assassin, John Wilkes BOOTH, arrived with David HEROLD. Sarah Jane initially permitted BOOTH and HEROLD to enter her home, but then decided because the man of the house was not at home, it was inappropriate for her to be alone with the two man. She therefore sent them on their way to the neighboring GARRETT Farm, where BOOTH was shot dead.

Following are links to more photographs of the historic PEYTON - BROCKENBROUGH House, circa 1795, which was the Caroline County, Virginia home of Valentine and Elizabeth PEYTON:

PHOTOGRAPHS of John Wilkes Booth Escape Route:
The image, john wilkes booth turned away, was originally uploaded by PreservationNation. It is posted here from flickr

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